Property developers denied GST margin scheme

The AAT has affirmed GST assessments levied at two property developers associated with the sale of real property between 2008 and 2009. The taxpayers had purchased property, which was eventually subdivided and on-sold. The taxpayers said they “never had an intention of not including GST in returns or defrauding the Commissioner” and that “they wanted their returns to be correct”.

However, the AAT affirmed the Commissioner’s assessments. It also decided that the margin scheme could not apply in the circumstances as there was no agreement in writing between the vendor and purchaser that the margin scheme was to apply to the property transaction.

TIP: The use of the margin scheme can provide a lower GST cost to the supplier than would normally be the case under the general GST rules. However, in addition to meeting various eligibility requirements, there must be an agreement in writing between the supplier and recipient that the margin scheme is to apply. Please contact our office for further information.

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