Overseas doctor a tax resident of Australia therefore paying more tax

A doctor has been unsuccessful before the AAT in arguing that he should be declared a non-resident of Australia for tax purposes. The doctor had been working in East Timor since 2006 and submitted that he “resided” in East Timor as that was where he spent his time and lived.

The AAT heard that the doctor was an Australian citizen and spent nine to 11 months of the year in East Timor, with the remainder of his time spent in Australia and Bali. However, the AAT noted that the doctor owned a property in Australia which the Tax Commissioner described as the “family home”. The AAT also noted that the doctor had a property in Bali which he and his wife called “home”. The AAT found that the doctor “resided” in Australia for tax purposes because the taxpayer had retained a “continuity of association” with Australia.

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