Has your business reached that point? You know the feeling: it’s time to do something with it. Grow, merge franchise, sell, or buy another business – or two.

MDB can help you find the right direction. And we’d start with three important questions:

First, is your business in a position to sell itself? Most businesses aren’t, but you may not know that because that’s not your area of specialisation. But is certainly ours and we can help you immediately.

Second, if the business is ready for sale, do you have all the right information? That means and Information Memorandum, which really answers all the questions a likely buyer would ask. Answering all the right questions means your prospective buyer immediately builds confidence in your business.

Third, do you have all the supporting documentation you need? There’s no point in going into due diligence unless your documentation is ready. Lack of preparation immediately puts fear into the purchaser and then the best price for your business may diminish significantly.

The next step is working out the best person to sell to, merge or franchise with, or buy – and that’s something we may be able to help you with because of our industry knowledge and contacts.

Moving forward may not be so difficult after all!

Call MDB today to find out how we can help you navigate the road ahead.

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